1. Request for Information We ask for your contact information and some basic franchising information to quickly assess whether your plans match ours. The sooner you fill out the Request for Information, the sooner we can get started. The form should take about 5 minutes to complete.
2. Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Franchising regulations require that we provide you a copy of our most current FDD. This is also the best place to get accurate and updated information about franchising with Jamba Juice. We will send this to you electronically.
3. Submit Application When you've decided that franchising with Jamba is the right path for you, you will need to submit an application packet. Our application process is automated online and we are here to help along the way should you have any questions.
4. Interview You will interview with one or more of our operations executives. If you have an existing business, he or she will likely visit your establishment as well. This is a chance for us to get to know each other and answer any questions.
5. Approval Once you have been approved both financially and operationally, you will receive notification of your approval. We will then coordinate the next steps for you.
6. Execute Agreements We will draft development and franchise agreements based on the terms discussed and send it over to you for signing. Once you return it to us signed along with the franchise development fee, you are ready to begin developing your Jamba units.